We are now officially outnumbered!

October 14, 2010

Just barely 4 weeks ago, our latest little bundle arrived!

“Nano-me” is our third little boy and he popped out just before 11 am on a Sunday morning. He really did earn the moniker “nano-me” because he’s the smallest (at birth) of our three kids.

Things has been pretty hectic since then, having to tend to the “royal highnesses” (the 2 older ones), and deal with cooking “confinement food” for Lil. (A little explanation about confinement food can be found here.)

Lil’s mom has been tremendously helpful ever since she came over to help us. She’s been helping with the dishes, picking up after the kids, and taking care of “nano”. (We think she likes “nano” the best because she keeps gazing at his face all the time! Hehe!).

The biggest deal however, is that she had to be stuck in a plane for over 24 hours to get here – no mean feat for someone her age (and no, I don’t think I’m allowed to mention her age). I wonder if we’d do the same for our kids… we shall see  :p

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